Know Your South Asian

Remember Neil Armstrong, the gentleman who took ‘a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind’? So who does Armstrong see as he takes his first small steps on the moon? A Sikh with a yellow moon cab….that’s right!

“When did YOU get here?” he asked.

“Oh, I came right after the Partition,” said the Sikh, referring to the division of India in 1947 which resulted in the creation of a new country called Pakistan.

As Armstrong looked at the Sikh, he realized that the bearded and turbaned dude had no space suit on, no oxygen tank and no mask either. He just stood there looking serene and….well, normal.

“But how can you live like that on the moon?” Armstrong blurted.

“Ah,” smiled the Sikh, “we South Asians, Mr. Armstrong, can live anywhere!”

There are approximately 30 million South Asians (large enough number to populate a new country) living around the world. It’s believed, and with good reason, that there’s no country in the world where you would not find South Asians.