As always, the Olympics ’12 have launched a spate of spanking new TV & Radio Ads. Each one vying for a better take-off on the Olympic theme. Interestingly I can remember most of the themes. What I can’t is the brand tie-in. Who said what??….the age-old query and the acid test for any memorable advertising seems to be largely ignored or handled half-hardheartedly at best. All except for RONA. They have done a fairly decent job. It’s a long 60-second version that I happened to catch on the telly and every second of it kept me hooked. For the purists the brand tie-in could be a little tenuous. But what’s gratifying is the sports theme and the RONA product/service so deftly inter-twined into the plot. Add to that the excellent production values and you have a TVC that will be watched repeatedly and leave behind a pleasant after-taste.

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