Seriously?? Has touting product values come down to this???? A kick in the male groin to demonstrate how healthy the product is for its users – who all strangely happen to be females in this TVC (never heard of a biscuit made only for females, this is the first one). But why? Why does a guy have to be kicked in the junk REPEATEDLY, by different females, to prove how good (healthy) a biscuit is? Granted, this kind of ‘screen action’ may promise an off-chance of a few extra hits on the social media, but where’s advertising’s social responsibility in all this? And isn’t this sending out all kinds of wrong messages to the young crowd out there – especially young girls who might try and check out the ‘kick’ these biscuits pack on their male friends? Are we looking at an entire generation of young males with damaged goods in the next few years?? God forbid and parents beware.

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  • Tracey Miller Says

    You said it! What was that all about? I just watched it and was shocked with the goings on. That’s not health they are showing off. It’s pure and simple aggression. Well pointed out South Asian!!!!

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