Most often I ride with the advertising purists who rue the demise of ‘well-built, all-bases-covered’ TVCs from the small screen. And with good reason. But I also happen to think it’s too soon to begin wailing. One does get to see a really good piece – however infrequent that occurrence may be. One of the recent good ones – definitely TRIVAGO. The hotel/holiday booking site that promises virtually the same goodies as the giants – Priceline and Expedia – yet presents its value proposition in a uniquely interesting and simple fashion. So what’s the difference? Answer: Model casting! It’s brilliant! Funny how a single character – quirky, atypical & almost creepy at first glance – can make all the difference between the same-old-same-old and “Hey, this is different!!’ So though Priceline and Expedia may be the hottest sites in Europe (34,000 unique visitors a day for Priceline in March 2013) – it’s TRIVAGO with its naughty ‘winking’ man that guarantees repeat eyeballs every time, all the time. Never fails to make me cackle. If you have watched this one, would love to know what you think?

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