Loved it! And if you are a multicultural marketer, you would too. Tarun Khanna, the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the Harvard Business School, in a wonderfully articulated article in HBR, makes a strident case for companies and marketers dreaming of global conquests to take into account Geo & Socio-Cultural (+) sensibilities when stepping out of their traditional ‘value’ zones. And it resonates beautifully on a local communication level too (case of reading it your way:)). New thinking? Not for us. Be it taking your wares overseas or selling it right here at home, the principle doesn’t change. “Contextual Intelligence”, Khanna’s all encompassing term for our more focused ‘Culturally Customized & Integrated Communication’, is a welcome affirmation of the spirit of understanding your marketing canvas and how to make that knowledge work for you. Get more of this enlightening read on

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