Crispy – Bangladeshi New Year!

Occasion: Celebrating Bangladeshi New Year!

Time: April 10th, 2009

Ethnic Demographic: Canadians of ‘Bangladeshi’ (also known as ‘East Bengalis’) origin.

Activity: In February of 2009, SAAM had conducted an informal survey for its clients – TWI Foods Inc. (makers of ‘Crispy’ brand of baked goods) within the growing Bangladeshi market in the GTA. The results bore out 2 interesting trends within the community – One: After arriving in Canada, significant numbers had taken to consuming larger amount of wheat flour flat-bread which was not a community staple back home and two: Not many from within the community knew that Crispy made a range of wheat flour breads in regular white and whole-wheat styles. SAAM called for a more proactive approach to set the record straight. And the ‘Bangladeshi New Year’ in April of 2009 provided the brand just the right platform to meet the community and introduce Crispy’s entire range to them.