TWI Foods “Crispy Picnic”.

Occasion: ‘CRISPY PICNIC’.

Community involved: A very specific ‘vegetarian’ group from western India.

Time: July 2008.

Backgrounder: Research proved absence of adequate brand awareness amongst new immigrants arriving from the western part of India. This is an 80,000 strong community in Toronto (GTA) alone. The community has well-defined cultural roots in India, has a history that’s a few thousand years old, speaks its own language and has its own distinct taste in cuisine & snacks. One of the condiments that is fairly popular in this segment is ‘cumin seeds’ (Hindi: Zeera).

Promotion: Launch of specially prepared ‘Cumin Seed’ Cookies and freshly cooked flat-breads that this community loves to consume almost thrice a day.

In addition to sampling of Crispy Cumin Cookies & ‘Roti’, special quiz contests were organized for the ladies & housewives.

Challenge: Enumerate the Crispy range + write the brand name Crispy a maximum number of times within a stipulated time period.

Incentive: FREE Crispy Gift Hampers with loads of goodies from the manufacturer.