INFLAMAX RESEARCH INC. Ragweed Allergy Study. (English)


Service: Ragweed Allergy Study – 2014.

Treatment: This communication was designed for the ‘Allergy-unfamiliar’ market amongst South Asians. A comprehensive pre-campaign survey had shown that allergy symptoms were often confused with common cold amongst large sections of South Asians. The treatment of the TVC was deliberately kept light and ‘fun’ in keeping with survey results which found the target segment wary of communication that was ‘scary’ and ‘too medical-ly’. A known South Asian TV personality in Toronto was used to carry the service message.

Messaging: “If you are sneezing, it could very well be from Ragweed Allergy!”

Objective: Educate audience on similarity of symptoms between common cold & ragweed allergy > Demonstrate that getting tested for allergies is not ‘scary’ and one doesn’t have to be injected with all kinds of medicines. Just blow into a machine and know if you are allergic to Ragweed > Build desire to participate in client’s allergy study and earn a large monetary reward.