WU – Muslim Festival 2012

Occasion: The Annual ‘Muslim Festival’.

Communities involved: Muslims from around the world (inclusive of South Asia, Africa, Middle East, Far East, South & West Americas & North America).

Event Theme: ‘Family Day’ for Muslims – lots of food and tons of fun.

Time: September 2012.

Backgrounder: This occasion was specially selected and matched (to the client) by the Agency in the event’s debut year. Ever since then, every year SAAM has participated in this event on behalf of its client and found the ROI most satisfactory.

Rationale for selection:
Event connects client to a very niche segment of its market;
Event affords client unique opportunity to open dialogue with recipients on subjects closest to their hearts and minds;
This interaction takes place within the recipients comfort zone;
The event is covered by selected South Asian/Community Media/TV Channels.