Our strengths lie in the following areas:

Marketing Communications Strategy

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This is where it all begins. This is the ‘plinth’ on which stands the more visible edifice of advertising messaging. The ‘plinth’ includes everything there is to know and understand about your product & service. And especially what will make it fly off the store shelves like magic.

Our Case Study: The Western Union EID SURPRISE Campaign.

Concept Development

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This is the central product message – or the ‘big idea’. What does it do? A simple answer is – it connects the product to its potential user.

Our Case Study: Daewoo 1500cc cars.

Copywriting & Graphic Design

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If the concept is a formless idea, the ‘words’ and ‘pictures’ are the apparel it wears to appeal to its target audience. The more accurately representative the words and pictures are of the concept, the better understood the product message will be, which in turn, will impact favorably on the acceptance of the product by its users.

SAAM has original advertising writers in almost all South Asian languages. Plus 2 full time graphic designers to turn around projects in double-fast time.

Media Liaison & PR

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From Toronto to Surrey and from Montreal to Saskatoon, SAAM is heavily invested in the local ethnic media. And it shows in virtually every aspect of our relationship with them – from getting the best rates for ad placements to carrying special messages for our clients. SAAM has been known to organize a press conference on the fly – within a matter of hours while sitting in the client’s office.

Internet & Social Media Advertising

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SAAM was one of the first few ethnic communications company to tap into the ‘fb’ phenomenon and get some amazing – actual + measurable – results. This conviction has only grown through the years as SAAM continues to use both local & international ethnic online platforms for its clients with brilliant results. We have the numbers and we know what works best for the South Asian customer.

Our Case Studies: SHAW Cable, Western Union & Crispy Cookies.

Writing & Production of Radio & Television Commercials

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Please do visit our ‘Work’ page to check out some of our Television & Radio Commercials. The creative team at SAAM, however, has worked on more than 475 TV and more than 1500 Radio Commercials  in their vast careers. Everything from translating a concept into a viable storyline to putting it on film or setting it to music for radio, SAAM can work wonders with your TV & Radio projects.

Our Case Study: “Gimme some of them Crispy Cookies….!!” TVC. 

Celebrity Endorsement

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It’s often said, and with good justification, that the 2 most popular South Asian pre-occupations are – Hindi movies and the game of Cricket. Brand endorsement by a star from either of these fields is considered to be a sure-fire guarantee of a product’s mass appeal. Some of the SAAM staffers being from Mumbai – India, know the power of such associations and have used it in the past.

Our Case Study: Western Union’s association with SRK (Indian movie actor ‘Shah Rukh Khan) and his sci-fi blockbuster –  Ra.One in October-November of 2011.

Translation or ‘Trans-creation’

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Our trained team of ‘advertising writers’ are native speakers of the language they write in. They have the ability to expertly grasp your essential product message and truthfully trans-create it into the language of your choice. The result: Your essential message gains rather than lose in translation.

Languages we can handle: Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, South Asian English (or ‘Hinglish’ as it is commonly referred to), Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi.

News flash! Impressed with our quality of work, a car company based in Toronto recently commissioned us to handle their Korean ad campaign. Never mind our polite reminders that we specialized in South Asian languages not Korean, the company was convinced we could do it. And we did! 

Web Design & Maintenance

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Considering that a fairly healthy chunk of our business comes from helping our clients with their online platforms, including e-commerce, SAAM has a full-time Web Designer & Manager on its team. In addition we have also designed special online tools to assist our clients’ marketing teams and Call Centers to interact with their customers in real time.

Our Case Study: PRACS Research.